Tayven Stover

Programmer - Student - Tutor

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About me

My name is Tayven Stover, and my fascination with programming began at a young age. Over the past six years, this interest has developed into a deep passion, leading me to attain proficiency in various programming languages.

Currently, I am deeply involved in an academic journey at a community college, where I am dedicated to expanding my knowledge and refining my skills in computer science. However, my aspirations extend beyond the academic realm. A significant driving force behind my commitment to programming is my desire to share this enriching journey with others. It's this motivation that inspired me to venture into starting a tutoring business. This endeavor not only supports my academic pursuits but also enables me to instill the same fervor for programming in others that I hold.

I'd love for you to be part of this adventure of learning, coding, and diving into the fascinating world of programming. Together, we can explore the immense potential of this ever-evolving field and create something truly amazing.

Programming Languages:


  • High-level programming language
  • Known for its simplicity and versatility
  • Used in web development, data analysis, AI, and more


  • Object-oriented programming language
  • Used for applications across multiple platforms
  • Known for platform independence and robustness

Web Languages (HTML/CSS/JavaScript):

  • HTML structures content
  • CSS styles layout and presentation
  • JavaScript adds interactivity and dynamic behavior

Skill Levels:

  • Python (High Level)
  • Java (Intermediate)
  • HTML/CSS/JavaScript (Intermediate)

My Projects